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Hue is one of the top attraction of Vietnam. It allures both domestic and foreign tourists with peaceful beauty, quiet space, impressive feudal remnants, long-standing historical sites…Hue is accessible all year round. If you want to know when is the best time to visit this dreamy city? The answer is in the following article. Let’s find more information about Hue weather.

Biking in Hue

1. Hue Weather by Season

Hue weather is relatively erratic during the year. It is characterized by the tropical climate and also affected by the transitional climate between the North and the South. The weather is usually hot and humid with 2 distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season.

Dry Season (February – August)

 Meridian Gate

Dry season in Hue is from February to the end of August but it does not mean that there is no rain in dry season. The rains may occur unpredictably. The weather in Hue between February and March is pretty good, not too cold and not too hot. A sightseeing tour to famous Hue’s attractions including Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tombs of Emperors… is perfect for during these days. From April to August, the temperature is relatively high, ranging from 22 – 33°C and even up to 39°C on some days. So it is best to spend time on the beach such as Thuan An, Lang Co or stay and relax at luxury resorts. You should apply sun cream, wear hat and drink more water when going out to avoid heatstroke.

Rainy Season (September – January)

Rainy Season in Hue

Hue’s rainy season starts from September to the end of January. It is cool and quite pleasant during this period thanks to the rain. The temperature fluctuates about 17 – 28°C. Some days, it can drop down to 11°C at night due to the influence of the cold weather from the North.  In this season, Hue experiences a large amount of rainfall and suffers some tropical storms. The rains can last several days, sometimes a week, causing floods. If you are planning to visit Hue on rainy season, it is best to avoid traveling in October and November as these are statistically the wettest months of the year.

However, Hue looks more romantic and feels a little bit sad during the rainy days, making a different vibe of Hue Vietnam. You can find a peaceful café shop, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the another beauty of Hue in rain.

2. Weather in Hue by Month


Hue from above

January is definitely the coolest month in Hue but not as chill as Hanoi in North Vietnam. The temperature is about 17 – 22°C. January is still in the rainy season so you still have chance to catch the rain during your day trip, but not much as the previous months. Remember to bring along with an umbrella or light raincoat to keep you dry.

Average low temperature: 17°C
Average high temperature: 22°C
Rainy days: 14
Precipitation: 170mm.


Hue in a sunny day

The dry season starts from February so the rainfall significantly decline, about 3 times comparing to that of January. It is still cool and pretty dry and perfect for going outside and exploring the beauty of Hue City. Especially, you will have chance to immerse yourself in Tet holiday’s atmosphere in the pleasant weather, not as cold as the North Vietnam and not scorching like the South.

Average low temperature: 17°C
Average high temperature: 23°C
Rainy days: 11
Precipitation: 57mm.


Perfume River, Hue Vietnam

The weather in March is the same as weather in February. It is the ideal time to visit historical sites of Hue such as Imperial Citadel, Minh Mang Tombs, Tu Duc Tombs, Thien Mu Pagoda… and take a dragon boat along romantic Perfume River.

Average low temperature: 19°C
Average high temperature: 26°C
Rainy days: 11
Precipitation: 69mm.


King Khai Dinh Mausoleum

The least amount of rainfall occurs in April and the weather changes from cooler to hotter with the average high temperature at 30°C. Hue Festival will be taken place this month to honor Hue’s cultural heritages as well as Vietnam’s national identity. It attracts a lot of international and domestic travelers with many impressive performances and interesting activities. So don’t miss the chance to join this biannual event.

Average low temperature: 22°C
Average high temperature: 30°C
Rainy days: 9
Precipitation: 56mm.


cycling in Hue

The temperature is continuing to rise in this month and the weather is gradually transforming into hot and dry summer. The amount of rain in May is high with an average of 99mm. During the night, it can be very warm and sticky. It is also a great month to visit Hue if you love to see blue skies and sunbath.

Average low temperature: 23°C
Average high temperature: 33°C
Rainy days: 10
Precipitation: 99mm.


tranquil scenery of Perfume river

This month sees the notably decline of international tourism but domestic tourism increases sharply. Some famous attractions in Hue will be packed with a lot of travelers. The weather is so hot though. It is better to go for a tour the in the morning or late afternoon and avoid the noon time.

Average low temperature: 25°C
Average high temperature: 33°C
Rainy days: 6
Precipitation: 76mm.


Sunny day in Hue

July and August are the hottest months in Hue. The temperature can reach up to 39°C on some days. It also become drier due to the winds blowing from Laos. It may rain suddenly but very little. Relaxing on the beaches like Thuan An or Lang Co is the perfect choice during this time.

Average low temperature: 25°C
Average high temperature: 33°C
Rainy days: 6
Precipitation: 89mm.


up stair to King Khai Dinh Mausoleum

Weather in August is almost similar to July. The only different point is that the rain starts to fall more frequently due to the upcoming rainy season in September.  It is still hot but you may sometimes feel autumn weather in Hue this month thanks to the rains.

Average low temperature: 25°C
Average high temperature: 33°C
Rainy days: 7
Precipitation: 97mm.


visitor in Hue

September is the first month of rainy season so the weather slightly changes to be cooler with the temperature decreasing in 3 – 4°C. The amount of rainfall significantly increases, about four times comparing to that of August. This makes Hue a bit faded and sad.

Average low temperature: 23°C
Average high temperature: 31°C
Rainy days: 14
Precipitation: 396mm.


Hue weather in October

The temperature in October continues to drop down and the precipitation dramatically rises, at 560mm. Frequent heavy rain and extreme storms may cause floods and affect sadly to the local people. Though tropical storms do not occur every year but keep in mind that it may, so tourists should avoid traveling to Hue in October and November.

Average low temperature: 22°C
Average high temperature: 28°C
Rainy days: 19
Precipitation: 561mm.


Hue weather in November

November shares the same weather with October. The heavy rain with barely sunlight makes the city look so gray and lack of excitement. The temperature is around 20 – 25°C, quite pleasant.

Average low temperature: 20°C
Average high temperature: 25°C
Rainy days: 20
Precipitation: 566mm.


December in Hue

The rainfall of December decreases by almost half compared to that of October and November. But it is quite rainy and damp and cold at night. So this month may not a perfect time to enjoy Christmas and New Year.

Average low temperature: 18°C
Average high temperature: 23°C
Rainy days: 18
Precipitation: 305mm.

Best time to visit Hue

Hue is accessible all year round

The period of time from February and April is considered as the best time to visit Hue. The weather is pretty pleasant, dry and sunny, making more comfortable to go sightseeing. The rainfall during these months is at its least, so rains will not have chance to ruin your vacation.

If you are looking for a beach breaking holiday, June, July and August are three perfect months for swimming and sunbathing. Tourists should avoid to visit Hue in October and November since there is a lot of rain and sometimes typhoons are occurred. However, Hue in rainy season is somehow interesting, idyllic, romantic and gentle. If you love this sense, come here around September, December or January when the amount of rain reduces noticeably.

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