Tay Tuu Flower Village

Tay Tuu Flower Village, also known as Dam Village, is located about 20km west of Hanoi City Center. With the total area of 200 hectares, Tay Tuu is considered as the largest flower growing village in Hanoi’s outskirt. It’s the main flower supply source to Hanoi and other surrounding areas.

Daisy harvesting in Tay Tuu Flower Village

Daisies are one of the most popular flowers in Tay Tuu Flower Village.

Flower cultivation in Tay Tuu was formed in 1930 but it was not until the early 1990s that people deeply focused on planting flowers. Initially, villagers were in doubt that flowers couldn’t grow up well in the farmland with traditional crops such as rice and vegetables. However, the climate and soil features of Tay Tuu Village allow it to nurse beautiful kinds of flowers. Gradually, the floriculture has helped to bring higher incomes and create better living standards for locals, as well as contribute a lot to the local socio-economic development. In 2017, after nearly 100 years of doing this trade, Tay Tuu Flower Village was recognized and honored as a traditional trade village in Hanoi.

Gerbera growing in the village

The fields of gerberas have been expanded to meet the buyers’ demands.

Daisies, roses and lilies are the three main flowers grown in Tay Tuu Flower Village. In recent years, there are also some new and more expensive species such as dahlia, gerbera, violet. After harvesting flowers, farmers will bundle and transfer them to wholesale markets in the city and many surrounding areas. Flowers are grown here all year round to accommodate the flower demand of Hanoi and nearby Northern provinces. If you are lucky enough to visit Tay Tuu Flower Village one day before the first or the 15th day of lunar months, you can take part in local flower market held by sellers and traders where you can have the authentic and local trading experience. The best time to visit the flower village is around December or January (depending on lunar calendar) when local farmers prepare flowers for traditional Tet holiday (three first days of lunar January). They need to work much harder on the flower fields in this period to timely meet the huge demand. Coming to Tay Tuu Village on these days, tourists will see a variety of colorful flowers, meticulously manipulated to ensure that they will bloom beautifully just in time for Tet. Despite advanced urbanization, Tay Tuu farmers still try to preserve their lands and traditional cultivation.

Local farmer replenishes water frequently

Local farmer replenishes water frequently to help flowers grow up well.

Just about 20 km from Hanoi City Center, Tay Tuu Flower Village can be accessed by public bus, motorbike or private transfer.

Adventurous persons can ride motorbike from Hanoi to Tay Tuu Village providing that they are familiar with Vietnam’s traffic system. Taking Vietnam National University (144 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay) as the starting point, just go ahead to Ho Tung Mau Street, then continue straight forward Cau Dien Street. At the Tram Troi intersection (near Hanoi University of Industry), turn right and keep driving about 2km, you will see the flower fields spreading over both sides of the road. If taking local bus, tourists can refer to buses no. 20B, 20C or 57, which run to Yen Noi Culture House. From this drop off point, please walk about 500 – 600m to reach Tay Tuu Flower Village.

Rose field in Tay Tuu

The rose buds are carefully wrapped to bloom timely.

The best option is taking a half day trip to visit Tay Tuu Flower Village with Vietnam Travel’s professional team of driver and tour guide. Cycling or taking a leisure walk around the village are both ideal options for your craft village tour. Don’t forget to ask permission to enter any flower field if you want to take pictures with many beautiful flowers. Local farmers with great hospitality will not hesitate to explain the flower planting process as well as meaning of each flower in their fields. In addition, buying fresh flowers right on the farm will cost you a little amount of money, in comparison with buying them in the city center’s market.

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