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High School Student Tours

High School Student Tours

Community service, rural and urban adventure, cross-cultural exchange!

Do you plan to take your students to Vietnam on a school trip? Let us help you put together a travel plan that will get your students, parents, and administrators on board.

We can help you plan the best transportation, accommodations, and activities according to your budget, whether you’re taking a short trip or an extended trip.

A school trip to Vietnam allows students to explore the country’s rich and turbulent history, as well as its spectacular landscapes, biodiversity, and cultural heritage.

Start planning the school trip that will create lifetime memories today.

Travel Educational Tours in Vietnam

Student Travel & Tour Programs

Student Travel & Tour Programs

We are local travel company located in Vietnam and designs many successful school trips for international students to explore Southeast Asia.

In addition to gaining educational knowledge, students taking Vietnam school trips or combined Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand tours have the opportunity to make friends, experience local culture, and learn about their old-age lifestyle.

As part of their educational tour in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, foreign students can also participate in stimulating activities and useful field trips, visit local enterprises, and do some charity work.

Education trips to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand are some of the most amazing school trips in Asia that broaden students’ horizons.

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Book a Vietnam local community school trip. On this trip of a lifetime your students will enjoy participating in cultural activities with local students.


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Vietnam Volunteer Program for Teens

School trips tailored to your curriculum

School trips tailored to your curriculum

This Vietnam summer service trip to Southeast Asia is your chance to discover the unique and elegant beauty of Vietnam. Rewarding volunteer projects with children and an organic farming community will help deepen your understanding of our host nation. This high school trip to Vietnam is led by our amazing staff, who are there to provide guidance and reflection on the impact of the work we do throughout the program and promote the value of empathy and cultural sensitivity. As you explore the country and immerse yourself in the Vietnamese culture, you will be treated to flavorful foods, spectacular views and exhilarating adventure. With a sense of adventure and a giving attitude, this summer volunteer program will leave as strong of an impact on you as the communities you’ll be working with.

Outdoor Education Tours

Best Middle School & High School Tour Collections

Best Middle School & High School Tour Collections

Our Week without Walls tour provides students with a week where they can expand their horizons while immersing themselves in the cultures and traditions of Vietnam and Cambodia. We expose students to the values of responsibility, perseverance, passion, and creativity, and give them opportunities to see how these values apply to their own lives. Students are encouraged to become “caring global citizens” through community service, appreciation of other cultures, and working together as a team.

Safety Guide for Student Travel in Vietnam

Is Vietnam School Trip Safe for Student to Travel?

In general, then yes. Vietnam is one of the safest countries in the world to visit with political stability and very low crime, violence rate recorded.

Is Vietnam easy to travel?

Long, thin and bookended by two superb cities that form natural points of entry, Vietnam is perhaps one of the easiest countries to plan an itinerary for.

Is Vietnam English friendly?

Many people in Vietnam can speak English, most of them work in tourism sectors in almost big cities in Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Hoi An, Ninh Binh… So, when you travel to Vietnam in these places, it is easy to have good communications with the local people.

Is Vietnam safe for kids?

As a small country lying on the East coast of Pacific Ocean and possessing naturally favorable conditions, Vietnam is a perfect choice for a family holiday. When travelling to Vietnam, visitors will have chance to experience many different kinds of attractions and tours, especially it is safe for your kids.

Does children need visa to Vietnam?

According to rules of the Vietnam Immigration Department, a valid visa is required for all children if their nationalities are not included in the visa exemption list, regardless of their age and procedure for applying for visa for children is the same as that for adults.