15 Things to do when Travel Vietnam with kids

Kayaking on Halong Bay

When you plan a trip to Vietnam with kids, here is some hints why you should choose Vietnam and a short list of things to do with your kids in your Vietnam family Holiday.
The country has rich history of over four thousand years, a lovely culture with lots of nice lessons of the lives in the local legends or stories. A trip to Vietnam can be educational and help broaden your kid’s mind. A trip to Vietnam with kids should just have the most memorable, educational & exciting local experiences.
With amazing list of Vietnamese cuisine. You should make a list of authentic local food and fresh tropical fruits to taste during the trip.
Many outdoor activities you will join with your kids out in the sun along the journey from North to the South.
This stunningly hospitable nation with one of the friendliest people in the World. It is safe and kids have opportunity to interact with local.
Vietnam is a safe country to travel, the local tour operator take care every things for your trip from Visa to accommodation, transportation, local guide to daily activities to make sure your time with family is enjoyable every day throughout your Vietnam vacation.
After 7 years guiding across the country, I suggest 15 things you should note in your plan when travel to Vietnam with your kids.

1. Cruise Halong Bay with your family

Relax on Halong Cruise's sundeck

Ask Vietnam Travel to take you cruise on less traveled route.
Most of Halong cruises on the bay offer free extra bed for your infant or special discount for your elder kids. Connecting rooms is available at most of the Halong Cruises. There are lots of rocks and mountains on Halong bay that cause Wifi not is connected and make family connected. You many choose to relax on Sundek to see the color of sky changing in the late afternoon or view the sunrise on the balcony with family, learn cooking class or kayaking through the cave or the islet, biking in Cat Ba national part… that is things you do in this 2 days or 3 days trip.

2. Trekking in Sapa and visit Bac Ha market

Soft trek in Sapa to Hmong village

Soft trek in Sapa to Hmong village

Since the new freeway Hanoi to Sapa completed, the trip to Sapa is so much more enjoyable. A half day trekking Hmong/ Red Dzao Villages and meeting with friendly local ethnic kids is fun. Most of the kids here could speak basic English and kids has their own secret of communication, if they don’t understand much via talking, they would have same language in the games and football…

3. Visit 500 year old Bat Trang

Visiting Bat Trang village

Bat Trang village is located by Red river about 30 km from Hanoi. The skillful craftsman has hundreds of techniques and tactics to process clay and fire become many lovely useful stuff and even artworks. Per help your kids will join their hand on local people work and learn the way to decorate some of the vase or a bowl or a cup, it will be a nice memory for you to bring home.

4. Cyclo in the Old quarter of Hanoi

Cyclo in Hanoi

Most of the family either Visit Hanoi at the begin or end of the trip. It can be quite changing with your kids especially in the Old quarter of Hanoi.
Here is the solution, the busy and bustling 36 guild streets in Old Quarter of Hanoi become nice and fun with the a old mean of transportation. Take the cyclo ride slowly along the narrow old streets with lots of shops. Enjoy the taking photo and feel the city while driver take care the traffic. That would be thing you should do with your family when visit Hanoi.
The Cyclo has no belt but with the slow speed and skillful driver, he really know how to make your trip safe and comfortable.

5. Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Though it is located abit far 16 km from Hanoi Old quarter, this is one of the best museums to visit in Vietnam with kids and an excellent item to put on your Vietnam travel itinerary. Expect lots of hands-on exhibits and an immersive style of portraying life in Vietnam over the years. The most popular exhibits with your kids will probably be the many life-size houses of ethnic minorities that you and the kids can climb in and out of.
Another great thing about Hanoi’s Museum of Ethnology is space. After keeping your kids close on Hanoi’s crowded streets and sidewalks, this is a place where they can run free for a while. If you need some room for the kids to run, this should be on your Hanoi itinerary.

6. Water Puppets show at Thang Long Puppet theater.

A Water Puppets show

No visit to Vietnam with kids would be complete without watching a water puppet show in Hanoi. Yes, you can see water puppet shows in Ho Chi Minh City and other Vietnamese cities, but Hanoi might be one of the best places to see a performance since there are several options and it’s closer to where the art originated back in the 11th century.
Put the water puppet show on your Vietnam itinerary, but remember that some kids will love it, while others will not. Don’t build it up into something it’s not. We thought it was lots of fun, but we’ve seen a few, and they all have slow and confusing parts. The entrance fee is about 4- 7$/person. Travel consultant of Vietnam Travel could help you to reserve the seat closer to the stage and your kids could see, feel the show better, they could even meet the show worker at the end.

Read more: Vietnamese water puppets

7. Homestay in a Thai village in Mai Chau

Homestay experience in Mai Chau
Village of Lac and Pom Coong now getting to busy and touristy but we have more to offer. Vietnam Travel pick pretty hide away resort in Thai Village for our clients.
For children who somewhat take their lifestyle for granted, a night in a village homestay can be a rather humbling experience. Deep in the mountains of northern Vietnam is the gorgeous landscape of Mai Chau valley, home to cascading rice terraces. And within this is a small village of stilt houses where you can spend the night with a friendly local family. Dinner will be cooked over the open fire, bed will be a mattress on the floor under a mosquito net and the hot shower.
Next morning take your family on a leisure walk through other village by the rocks, meet and talk to village at their home and their farm. Lots of local knowledge and skills how to survive in such basic life that local could share to you via the translation of tour guide. It will build up the memory of the trip.

Note: we don’t promote this village as we want to keep some of space and quiet area for clients of Vietnam Travel.

8. Take the rowing boat through a cave in Ninh Binh

cycling in Ninh Binh

One-and-a-half-hour drive to the South of Hanoi lie the remains of the country’s ancient capital at Hoa Lu. It is the most historically minded families will find much to divert them at the ruins as there is very little to see. However, not far away is the small village of Trang An in the heart of some of Vietnam’s most sublime scenery. Here towering karst peaks sheer up out of the paddy fields and wide rivers meander past the steep cliffs.

You can take a rowing boat ride on one of the rivers that has carved its way through the mountains over millennia. You don’t row the boat yourselves (there’s only so much time you want to spin around in circles…) but will be piloted by a local rower. Follow the river as it curls around the mountains then head directly into a narrow opening at the base of a cliff. Here you find yourselves in a dark cave that tunnels through the hills. Duck under low hanging stalactites and marvel at the dexterity of your rower, as they navigate the narrow channel. See how you include Ninh Binh in to your trip at:

9. Visit Citadel in Hue and eat local food.

Minh Mang Tumb in Hue, Vietnam

Minh Mang Tumb in Hue, Vietnam

Hue is the Capital City of the Last king of Vietnam. Hue is more about history. There is plenty of Vietnam War history here, of course. Long before the war, however, this area was a kingdom ruled for more than 2 centuries by 13 kings of Nguyen Dynasty. One of the most interesting things to do here is to visit their tombs which lie along the Perfume River. The best thing to do is hire a boat along the river and have them take you up the river to the tombs. Many of these tombs are incredibly ornate and the stories behind them fascinating. Talk to your accommodation about their recommendations for this. End the trip, stop by a local restaurant and enjoy the some of Royal menu.

10. Bana Hills and Golden Bridge

Golden bridge danang vietnam
A day trip to Ba Na Hills – the great sight of the two giant hands holding up the Golden Bridge will excite the kids for sure.
Ba Na hill also has amusement park for your kids with lot of games and things to do.

11. A day eco-tour in Hoi An

hoi an vietnam
Ancient town of Hoi An is an essential stop on any Vietnam family holiday. Families will be seduced by the pretty town with its wooden shop fronts, bustling markets and sensational restaurants. Few tourists venture far beyond the bustling town but if you do, you find a slower pace of life that offers great activities for children. Take a boat out into the estuary and then into one of the narrow channels that weave through the paddy fields. Here you can switch to a circular basket boat and paddle into thick groves of water coconut. Have a go at crabbing, Vietnamese style, trying to catch the well camouflaged purple crabs that scuttle around the water coconut stems.

After lunch in a local restaurant on the banks of the river you can continue on by bike, cycling through villages feel the tranquility of Hoian vicinity. This is similar to the scenery of the Mekong Delta so if you don’t have time to make it to the far south, this is also a great option.

12. Crawl through the Cu Chi Tunnels

cu chi tune vietnam
The system tunnels under the ground of up to 200 km long were designed and dug with simple tools and bare hands during the French occupation in the 1940s, and further expanded during the Vietnam War in the 1960s to provide refuge and a defensive advantage over the American soldiers. Despite all the bombings in their town, the Cu Chi people were able to continue their lives beneath the soil, where they slept, ate, planned attacks, healed their sick, and taught their young. Some even wed and gave birth underground.
Now it is open for visitors. There are two different tunnel sites open to travelers NOT one, operated by the same organization and with similar experiences in each (a 15-minute scratchy B&W propaganda film, tunnel tour, displays of booby traps, tasting of tapioca): Ben Dinh & Ben Duoc
Your family may choose to visit Ben Duoc (Vietnamese Bến Dược)
Which is bit closer to HCM City with larger grounds and your kids could experience the Crawl through the Cu Chi Tunnels.
Could see some broken tanks and other war items along the walking route. There is the gun site is positioned at the end of the tour conveniently.
There is a part of tunnels is open wider and make it more convenient for travelers. Most parents have to give up quite quickly as the heat and need to crouch and crawl takes its toll. However, most children will happily continue through the whole length of the tunnel, then meet you at the end.

13. Trip to Mui Ne beach and sand dunes

Sand dunes in Mui Ne

A beach town about 5 hours’ drive from HCM City. Per help you should ask Vietnam Travel book the water font accommodation in advance as sometimes in the Summer, Mui Ne often occupy by local visitors from Saigon.
The sand area boasts two interesting sites nearby: The sand dunes which are pretty much what they sound like, a seemingly endless expanse of desert-like sand. And the Fairy Spring, basically a shallow creek that runs through the sand dunes. It’s a lot of fun – especially for kids – to walk up it for a few miles, the whole time splashing, jumping, rolling and frolicking in the cool water and its deliciously goopy sand.

14. Ride bikes along the narrow channels of Mekong Delta

biking meking delta vietnam
The Mekong Delta has changed a lot in recent years. Ignore any pictures taken more than a couple of years ago that show bustling floating markets as these have all but disappeared. However, this area is still well worth a visit as the Mekong fans out into an endless network of channels creating hundreds of small islands. These are best explored by bike and sampan and you can spend a wonderful day or two exploring the area. Families with older children might enjoy a night on a converted rice barge, slowly cruising along the palm-fringed canals and enjoying dinner on deck.

15. Phu Quoc Beach and Amusement Park of Vinpearl Land

Kayaking in Phu Quoc
The fine white sands and sparkling waters of Phu Quoc hold universal appeal. This peaceful island mainly attracts honeymooners and families, and is home to many luxurious resorts. There are plenty of island tours offering snorkelling and fishing, as well as visits to pearl farms and the infamous coconut prison where captured Viet Cong were held. If you’re looking for a cheesy good time, Vinpearl Land is a fun day out; the park is home to Vietnam’s largest zoo, plus shows and a plethora of wacky water rides.

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