Hau Giang Tourism Guide

A view of the Mekong Delta River in Hau Giang province, Vietnam

Hau Giang province belongs to the Mekong Delta River region

It’d be worth a trip to Hau Giang once you’re in Vietnam. If Hau Giang is the next destination of your list, read more about this province right here.


Hau Giang is a small province in Mekong Delta located right in the middle. It’s a land with an intricate water system that measured 2,300 km in length. Hau Giang is adjacent to Can Tho city, the center of the Southwest region. It is one of the rice centers of the Southwest region. The province has the potentials of rice and fruit trees of all kinds, with abundant fishery resources, mainly freshwater shrimp and fish and cattle breeding.

The Can Tho Bridge over the Mekong Delta River in Hau Giang province, Vietnam

The Can Tho Bridge over the Mekong Delta River in Hau Giang province, Vietnam

The Nga Bay floating market is considered the largest connection in the West, showing bold habits and living habits of the people here.

  • Area: 1.621,8 km²
  • Population: 733.017 people
  • Provincial Capital: Vi Thanh City
  • Districts: Nga Bay Town, Phung Hiep, Vi Thuy, Long My, Chau Thanh, and Chau Thanh A


Hau Giang was a part of Can Tho and Rach Gia before 1976. In March 1976, Hau Giang province (former) was established in demand of merging three equal provincial administrative units, namely Can Tho province, Soc Trang province, and Can Tho city.

From 2004, Hau Giang was reestablished with Vi Thanh town and Chau Thanh, Chau Thanh A, Long My, Phung Hiep, Vi Thuy as today.


Hau Giang locates in the center of Mekong Delta, features an interlacing system of rivers and canals. It allows for advanced river transportation. The north of Hau Giang borders Can Tho and Vinh Long, south with Bac Lieu, west with Kien Giang, and east with Soc Trang.

Vi Thanh city is 230 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, accessible via National Highway No. 61.


A Sunny day in Hau Giang province, Vietnam

The dry season in Hau Giang lasts from May to October

Hau Giang is located in the central belt of the Northern Hemisphere, near the equator, with a tropical monsoon climate, divided into two distinct seasons. In the rainy seaso, Southwest wind blows causing the air wet; whereas the dry season with Northeast wind makes the atmosphere cool and pleasant. With the average temperature of 27oC with no big difference over the years, Hau Giang offers a cool yet dry atmosphere. The month with the highest temperature (35oC) is in April, and the lowest is in December.


With the advantage of the water, Hau Giang has floating markets to be the flagship, notably, the Phung Hiep market. Besides, the Long My historical site preserves several glorious evidence and stories from the wartime.

Hau Giang province has a lot of potential for tourism development, but it is still limited in infrastructure and tourist souvenirs. Both domestic and international tourists tend to return to nature, gardens, rivers, forests, mountains, the more unspoiled sea. That’s why Hau Giang has many projects to develop tourism, focusing on building eco-tourism in combination with entertainment, restaurants, and resorts.

Unlike other regions in the South that have two distinct seasons of rain and sun, Hau Giang enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. You can visit this province anytime you want, but the best time to explore its beauty is from October to September of the following year, when the weather is dry and pleasant.

If you want to enjoy the tranquil and simple life of the water area in Hau Giang, you can choose from many affordable hotels that cost only start from $10 per night. Some of the hotels in Hau Giang that you can check out are:

  • Guest house of Provincial Party Committee of Hau Giang: Located on Nguyen Cong Tru street in Ward 1, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3581806
  • An Phuong Hotel: Located on No. 58, Nguyen Cong Tru street in Ward 1, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3580 212
  • Phuong Nhu Hotel: Located on 57, 3/2 street in Ward 5, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3581 469
  • Phong Nha Hotel: Located on Doan Thi Diem street in Ward 1, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3580 282
  • Ai Van Hotel: Located on Tran Hung Dao street in Ward 1, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3877 548
  • Thanh Huong Hotel: Located on 45-4, Hai Thuong Lan Ong street in Ward 1, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3876 361
  • Huynh Tuoi Hotel: Located on 3/2 street in Zone 3, Ward 5, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3876 776, 876 999
  • Thanh Dat Hotel: Located on 263, Nguyen Cong Tru street in Ward 1, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3877149
  • Hanh Xuan Hotel: Located on 02 Nguyen Cong Tru street in Ward 1, Vi Thanh City. Phone: 0711 3876215

Top 10 Attractions In Hau Giang

  • Nga Bay Floating Market:
    This is the largest and most lively floating market in the West, where you can witness the traditional trading and lifestyle of the locals. The market is located at the junction of seven rivers, such as Cai Con, Bung Tau, Mang Ca, Soc Trang, Lai Hieu, Xeo Mon and Xeo Dong.
    Every day from 2-3 am, boats from different places gather here and start their business. You can find all kinds of goods on the boats, such as fruits, vegetables, household items and seafood. You can also enjoy some local dishes and drinks on the boats, such as noodles, coffee and cake soup. The market is about 30km from Can Tho city center.
  • Tay Do Ecotourism Area:
    This is a beautiful and relaxing resort with green gardens, birds and animals and entertainment facilities. This resort attracts many tourists who want to have fun, relax and unwind after a stressful work or holiday. The resort also has some modern and ancient-style houses, such as restaurants and motels.
    To enter the cultural area, you have to cross a model of My Thuan suspension bridge. Then you will see a lake that connects to a maze of winding waterways that lead to shady beaches with coconut trees, toads and durians. There are also spacious and airy houses, motels and restaurants that serve many famous dishes for you to taste.
  • Ba Bai Base:
    This is a historical site where you can learn about some pictures and artifacts of Can Tho people in the period of 1972-1975. The base of Can Tho Provincial Party Committee and many pictures of the war at that time are displayed here. Mr Tran Van Thu, who is in charge of the relic, said that this site attracts more than 80,000 visitors every year. To develop tourism, the base area will be renovated and added more items such as telegraph, clerical, cannon shelter, secret tunnel and so on.
  • Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve:
    This is a rare and diverse biological reserve in melaleuca forests. The flora in the reserve has wild features and rare and precious animals live here for a long time. It is also home to many different species of birds. In the water season, thousands of water birds come to live in this forest, creating a unique and vivid picture of nature.
  • Long My Cultural And Historical Site:
    This is the revolutionary base area of Hau Giang province and the southwestern region in the war against the French colonialists and the US. In Long My, you can visit the Uncle Ho temple area in Luong Tam commune, which was established by the Long My Party and militia in 1969 when Uncle Ho passed away. The temple was restored on an area of 1ha. Every year on May 19 or September 2, many tourists from inside and outside the province come here to pay tribute. Besides, you can also visit the unique stork garden in Xa Phien commune, which was formed in 1986 with tens of thousands of storks and 30 species of typical birds of the Southern river. Long My is an attractive cultural and ecological tour in Hau Giang.
  • The Victory Relic Of 75:
    The victory relic of 75 enemy battalions in 1973 was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a historical relic “Event memorial place” on July 20, 1997. Every year, the locality organizes many cultural, entertainment and sports activities for the union members and young people in the commune to participate. Here you can see a monument 8 m high in the center of the monument. Behind the monument is a 20 m high coconut leaf.
    Next to the monument is a large relief picture of 20m long and 4m high with many groups of statues showing three pieces of troops and three attack points. Along with many other typical events of the war are recorded and displayed on relief. Here you can also see some artifacts. You can join some events, festivals and traditional days that are held every year.
  • Vo Truong Toan University:
    A European-style university in Vietnam that looks like “Hogwarts Magic Academy” in the famous Harry Potter movie. The school has a fairy-tale architecture with tall buildings that reach up to the sky. They are magnificent, mysterious and ancient at the same time. This school is built according to the modern model “University City” with international standards and quality. The school is like a miniature city that meets all needs for living.
  • Xa No Park:
    This is one of the famous attractions in Hau Giang. It is built by a beautiful river and has a nice layout. The park is a favorite place for entertainment and community activities of the people around here. Xa No canal is known as the rice road of the southwestern region because of its economic value. Built on the bank of Xa No canal, Xa No park can also be considered as one of the longest parks in the country. It has high aesthetic value and attracts many visitors.
    The parking floor is tiled on the pavement and the campus is planted with many green trees such as Javan red areca, Filipino ornamental coconut, bananas, queen, red willow, mausoleum and so on. There are also some white stone sculptures that add to the beauty of the park. At night, the lights are turned on and the park shines in full color. Xa No Park has a unique beauty that makes anyone admire it. This place is one of the most popular destinations of Hau Giang.
  • Phu Huu Tourist Area:
    A river-nature resort with fun games and activities in the West. This destination in Hau Giang is surrounded by nature green trees and shady coconut trees. You can dress up as a garden farmer and take pictures with the beautiful scenery or visit the garden. You can also join some attractive games with your friends such as slapping fish ditches, canoeing, swinging and so on. At the end, you can enjoy some delicious rustic cuisine that is hard to find elsewhere.
  • Vi Hung Church:
    A remarkable church that is located next to the peaceful and romantic Xa No canal. It has an impressive architectural interference that combines different styles. Most of it is designed in the style of a classical Roman church, but the curved and prominent roof has the look of Vietnamese temples. Every weekend or Christmas, not only Catholics come to attend the ceremony but this destination in Hau Giang also welcomes many visitors to visit.


Traveling to Hau Giang takes the National Highway No. 61, which connects Vi Thanh to Bac Lieu, Kien Giang, and Can Tho.

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