Cat Ba Island Weather

Cat Ba Island weather is quite enjoyable and pleasant most of the time. Along with its beautiful natural landscapes, the island is considered as the paradise of relaxation in the Gulf of Tonkin that attracts a large number of travelers seeking for a beach vacation every year. For those who are planning a trip to Cat Ba Island, this article below will give you a source of information about weather so you can choose the best time to visit and gain the best experience.

Weather in Cat Ba Island

View of the rocks and Cat Ba boat jetty from Cat Ba Mgallery Hotel

View of the rocks and Cat Ba boat jetty from Cat Ba Mgallery Hotel

Weather in Cat Ba is characterized by the tropical monsoon climate. The average temperature here is between 23-24ºC. Like all of the North Vietnam, it experiences 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter but there are only summer and winter which have the most different characteristics. Comparing with the weather on the mainland, the winter on the island is less cold and summer is less hot, making it an ideal place to travel all year round.

Spring (late February – April)

Spring in Cat Ba Island features with foggy sky, frequent drizzles or light rain. It will be a little murky and hazy in the morning so it is hard to get clear views. The temperature fluctuates from 18ºC – 26ºC and rises gradually in April. Swimming is not suggested in this season as the water temperature is quite cold but tourists can go kayaking, trekking in Cat Ba National Park or simply relax at the resort/ hotel and enjoy the scenery.

The ocean view from hotel room

The ocean view from hotel room

There are fewer domestic tourists traveling to Cat Ba in the spring so this will be a perfect pick for those who want to escape from congestion and crowds as well as for visitors coming from all-hot-and-sunny climates to experience humid and chilly weather.

Summer (May – August)

The summer in Cat Ba Island starts from May to August. It is hot and moist and more regular rains and storms. The temperature reaches its peak in the year, over 30ºC but still comfortable and lower than that on the mainland. July is the hottest month and August is the wettest month of the year in Cat Ba.

Cat Co beach which was crowded in the Summer and very quiet in the Winter

Cat Co beach which was crowded in the Summer and very quiet in the Winter

Summer is high season for domestic market with a surge in tourist arrivals, especially in the weekend and some public holidays such as the Reunification Day (30 April), Labor Day (1 May), Independence Day (2 September) … During this time, you will also have to queue very long at ferry/ boat piers, bus or cable car stations and it could take up to 3 or 4 hours. June and July are the busiest months as this is school-off season in Vietnam and families often choose Cat Ba as a holiday destination for their children.

Therefore, coming to Cat Ba in summer time is not a wise choice for those not preferring the crowd though the its landscapes under summer are pretty nice. Besides, due to the high demand, the price of accommodation and other services is more expensive than normal, even overloaded. If you do not have any options, it is recommended to book the tour packages and hotel rooms as soon as possible.

Autumn (September – November)

Kayaking around the island

Kayaking around the island

The autumn sees the decrease in precipitation and temperature on Cat Ba Island. The weather becomes more pleasant with no extreme heat like in the summer, making this island more attractive. Autumn also ends the high season of domestic tourists and begins international market. This time is perfect for water activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, trekking and relaxing on the cruise… Especially, Cat Ba is an ideal place for couples looking for a honeymoon trip and enjoy the fresh air of autumn.

Winter (December – January)

peaceful scenery of Cat Ba island

The pristine and dreamlike beauty of Cat Ba Island in the winter. Photo by Rowan Heuvel

It is cold and foggy in the winter on Cat Ba Island. The temperature is between 15ºC and 20ºC. In fact, the weather is much warmer than that of many European and Asian countries in winter. For that reason, Cat Ba is still attractive to visitors from abroad. You should prepare some proper warmth when coming here in the winter though. The cold water temperature is not suitable to swim or take part in some water activities; however, you will surely enjoy the peaceful beauty and the tranquil atmosphere of the island that you never encounter in the summer.

Best time to visit Cat Ba Island

Thanks to its cool and mild climate all year round, Cat Ba is a perfect destination to travel at any time of the year. If you enjoy the heat of tropical climate, the bustling atmosphere and water activities, summer and autumn are probably the best time to go. If not, you can visit Cat Ba Island in spring and winter when the weather is milder and cooler; the island is more tranquil and peaceful because of less tourists. Bear in mind that you cannot swim in winter and early spring as the water temperature is pretty cold but trekking in Cat Ba National Park is a good alternative.

sunset in Cat Ba

The stunning sunrise on Cat Ba Island. Photo by Tuấn Anh Phan

Each season has its pros and cons so you should choose the best suitable period depending on your personal preferences. To balance between water activities and good weather, it is suggested to visit Cat Ba Island in March, April, September and October – 4 best months to enjoy the stunning beauty of the island, spend time on the beach when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Travel Advisory

Cat Ba at night

Cat Ba at night

– Always check weather forecast carefully before planning the trip, especially in summer since there is a lot of tropical rains and occasional storms during this time.
– It is suggested to avoid major holidays in Vietnam such as Reunification Day (30 April), Labor Day (1 May), Independence Day (2 September)… since there is a large number of domestic tourists heading to the island for a beach break. It will be very crowded, even overloaded.
– Traveling to Cat Ba in the winter, you should bring a light jacket to keep you warm.
– An overnight cruise on Lan Ha Bay to get close touch with Cat Ba Island and explore its hidden beauty is a recommendation.

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