Weather in Halong Bay: Best time to visit

Halong Bay, a masterpiece of Mother Nature, has long been in the top travel bucket list of many travelers to Vietnam. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, it becomes a must-see attraction in Northern Vietnam with nearly 2,000 limestone islands dotting from the emerald water. Just located 170km from Hanoi, Halong Bay weather shares the same typical humid and tropical monsoon climate as Hanoi with 4 distinctive seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

If you are planning a trip to Halong Bay, this ultimate Halong Travel Guide will give you everything you need to know to plan your perfect trip.

Spring (March – April)

Kayaking is a favorite activity on Halong Bay

Kayaking is a favorite activity on Halong Bay

Springtime in Halong Bay is transition between winter and summer. It lasts for only 2 months, yet it is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit the bay. During this time, the sky is clear and sunny, and the temperature increases gradually from 18°C to 27°C, making this time perfect for climbing, cycling, kayaking, sightseeing… Though the sea is lightly covered by a thin veil of misty fog in the morning, it disappears when the sun rises higher. Overall, the weather in Halong Bay in spring is relatively pleasant since it is not as harshly hot as in summer and not as bitterly cold as in winter. As such, international tourists often choose this time to explore Halong Bay at its best so when traveling in spring, you have to afford a higher price than usual.

The lowest temperature: 18°C
The highest temperature: 30°C
Humidity level: 68 – 75%

Summer (May – August)

Considered the end of the tourist peak, the number of foreign visitors dramatically decreases in the summertime but it sees the huge increase of domestic travelers.  The weather in Halong begins to heat with temperatures of 30 – 35°C and prepares to catch the summer rains and also sees the highest chance of storms and typhoons. July and August are the wettest months of the year with heavy rains and high temperatures. Sporadic hurricanes and storms may occur these months, which may render cancellation and delay of your trip. In those cases, you can switch around by visiting another destination in the North of Vietnam and visit Halong Bay later. These storms will not last longer than 3-4 days.

It is ideal to indugle yourself in cool water in summer

It is ideal to indugle yourself in cool water in summer

During the summer, Halong Bay weather might be harsh but the wonderful beaches are worthwhile to see; the beautiful sunrise and sunset are viewable at times when there is no rain or fog. The heat of the sun, cool breezes from the ocean and the clear, blue skies guarantee outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming and fishing. Besides, tourists also enjoy the cheaper price for hotels, Halong Bay cruises during this period. While the promise of summer heat can be tempting, the months of July to September are also the wettest, so visitors should check weather forecasts for signs of severe weather.

The lowest temperature: 26°C
The highest temperature: 38°C
Humidity level: 75 – 78%

Autumn (September – October)

Autumn is considered as the most enjoyable time to soak up the comfortable climate in Halong Bay when the hot, sultry heat of the summer disappears, replaced by the pleasantness of the autumn. The average temperature varies from 23 – 27°C so you can immerse in the beautiful sunshine which is not as extreme as in the summer. There might be light rain in September but the amount of rainfall will decrease significantly due to low humidity levels in October and November. In the last days of October, the northeastern monsoon may occur.

Tourists are cycling in Cat Ba National Park, recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

Tourists are cycling in Cat Ba National Park, recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

Thanks to the perfect weather, tourists come in droves in autumn. The clear crystal sky and warm waters are ideal to participate in fun activities on Halong Bay such as swimming, kayaking, cycling, rock climbing and trekking.

The lowest temperature: 19°C
The highest temperature: 33°C
Humidity level: 70 – 72%

Winter (November – February)

Winter lasts from December to February. The weather in Halong Bay during this time is quite cold and dry with the temperatures dropping down to 10°C – 20°C on average. Without sunlight on most winter days, you will see fog and drizzle in the morning and late afternoon.

Climbing mountain, visiting mysterious caves, trekking in national park... are fun activities in Halong Bay when the weather becomes cold and dry

Climbing mountain, visiting mysterious caves, trekking in national park… are fun activities in Halong Bay when the weather becomes cold and dry

It is undesirable for water activities in winter such as swimming, kayaking but it’s time to join inland activities like hiking, having a barbecue, visiting local villages, shopping at local markets, and tasting Halong specialties. Tourists also choose Halong Bay as a destination to celebrate Christmas and New Year. This is a peak time so you should book services in advance, especially Halong Bay overnight cruises.

The lowest temperature: 12°C
The highest temperature: 23°C
Humidity level: 65 – 69%

Best time to visit Halong Bay

Halong Bay is worth visiting the whole year round for its different beauty in every single season. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the most suitable time for your Halong Bay trip. If you want to avoid the crowds in Halong Bay but still want good weather during your visit, try to schedule your trip towards the beginning or end of the peak season (from October to April). For those who prefer the heat, sunshine and swimming, summer is ideal. Besides, summer is considered as the low season in Halong Bay so popular tourist spots are less crowded. You may enjoy the better price and also get more cares and more enjoyable.

An overnight cruise is considered as the best way to explore Halong Bay. Get away from the hectic pace of life, immerse yourself in the tranquil and beautiful Halong Bay, get a close touch with its natural and magnificent beauty of many karst cliffs, rocky spires and hidden caves and admire the vaporous clouds of mist, clear turquoise water and much more. This is exactly what you are looking for a perfect trip, isn’t it? But before that, don’t forget to find yourself the most suitable Halong Bay cruise and contact us to get instant help about cruise choice, exclusive offer and reservation.

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