Ba Na Hills: The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide [Updated 2024]

bana hills

Explore Vietnam’s extraordinary beauty and let the incredible views from Ba Na Hills take your breath away. Ascend the hill via one of the 10 most impressive cable car infrastructure systems worldwide (ranked by CNN), and see the giant hands of the amazing Golden Bridge (Cau Vang). Visitors who travel to Sun World Ba Na Hills are lavished with the changeable four seasons in a single day and a diverse set of festive, recreational activities and places of interests. Sun World Ba Na Hills is on its own a fascinating entertainment world in which grown-ups, children and young outdoor enthusiasts can figure out their fun in a single complex.

Index Fact
Opening Hours 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Ticket price Tickets for Ba Na Hills cost 750,000 VND (32 usd approx). Child below height of 1 meter goes free and between 1 to 1.4 meter its 600,000 VND (26 usd approx). It includes entrance fee, cable car, transfer from parking to entrance and all rides inside.
Activities French Village, Fantasy Park, Golden Bridge, Flower Gardens, Wine Cellar, Wax Museum, Linh Ung Pagoda (Giant Buddha Statue), and more.
Accommodation The Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills is nestled within the picturesque Ba Na Hills complex. While several other hotels dot the vicinity, many visitors opt to lodge in Da Nang and embark on a day trip to explore this enchanting locale.
Restaurants Yes, there are many restaurants offering Vietnamese and international cuisine within Ba Na Hills Complex.
Suitability for Young Children Yes, Ba Na Hills offers many attractions suitable for young children, including the Fantasy Park and the Flower Gardens.
Day Trip from Da Nang Yes, Ba Na Hills is a popular day trip destination from Da Nang.
Best Things to Do with Kids Fantasy Park, French Village, Golden Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda.
Symbol of Ba Na Hills’ allure The Golden Hands Bridge stands as a symbol of Ba Na Hills’ allure, and is held up by two gigantic stone hands that measure 24.9 meters (81.7 feet) in height.
Records The Ba Na Hills cable car system holds several world records, including the longest single wire rope cable at over 5.7 km (3.5 miles).
Weather by Month Spring and summer (typically March to August) offer clear skies and minimal rain. September and October experience monsoon rains.
Other interesting facts
  • Visitors can experience four seasons in one day at Ba Na Hills due to its unique climate and elevation changes.
  • The Linh Ung Pagoda at the Ba Na Hill’s entrance is one of Vietnam’s highest and largest pagodas at 27 meters tall.
  • Ba Na Hills was originally developed by the French in the early 20th century as a hill station resort to escape the summer heat.
  • The Fantasy Park within Ba Na Hills is one of the largest indoor games and amusement parks in Vietnam, featuring over 100 games and rides, including rollercoasters, carousels, and virtual reality experiences.

overview ba na hills da nang

1. History

overview ba na hills da nang, vietnam

Bana Hills was named after a local ethnic minority group residing in the area, which means ‘my mountain’. In the late nineteenth century, Bana Hills was the favorite vacation spot of the French during their colonization. Nowadays, it has been invested and expanded to become a top-notch recreational complex with the finest French architecture together with the most significant resort and exciting entertainments. Not only domestic tourists but also foreigners are interested in Bana Hills when planning their vacations in Vietnam, especially since Golden Bridge’s popularity has taken off lately. Sunworld Ba Na Hills consists of 3 main parts including:

• Lower part: Linh Ung Pagoda, Le Jardin D’Amour Garden, Debay Cellar, Golden Bridge, etc
• Upper part: French Village, Fantasy Park, etc
• Mountaintop: Tru Vu Tea Corner, Spiritual Zone, etc

2. When is the best time to visit Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Cable Car, danang

Ba Na Hills offers a wonderful experience year-round, but the ideal time for your visit depends on your priorities. Spring and summer (typically March to August) are considered the best time to visit Ba Na Hills, boasting clear skies and minimal rain, perfect for capturing stunning photos of the Golden Bridge. Ba Na Hills opens from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM but we recommend visiting between 9 AM and 5 PM as there are more interesting things to do during these times. However, this peak season also brings larger crowds. For a quieter atmosphere with potentially fewer visitors on the Golden Bridge, consider September to March. Just be prepared for occasional monsoon showers during September and October by packing an umbrella or raincoat.

2.1 How to get there

sunworld ba na hills

Only 35 kilometers away from the city center of Da Nang, it’s fairly easy to get to Bana Hills. There are several options to reach this popular tourist attraction:

  1. Private Car/Taxi
    • Hire a private car or taxi from Da Nang city center. The journey takes around 45–60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
    • This is the most convenient option, especially for families or small groups, as you can travel at your own pace and have the vehicle for the entire day.
  2. Join a Tour
    • Many travel agencies and tour operators in Vietnam offer day tours to Ba Na Hills, which include round-trip transportation, cable car tickets, and sometimes a tour guide.
    • You can incorporate Ba Na Hills into your Vietnam Tour Package. This is a hassle-free option, especially for those unfamiliar with the area or prefer a guided experience.
  3. Bus
    • Take a bus from Da Nang city center to the Ba Na Hills cable car station. Price from 120,000 vnđ
    • This is the most budget-friendly option, but it may require some walking.
  4. Motorbike/Scooter
    • For adventurous travelers, rent a motorbike or scooter and drive to Ba Na Hills. The route is well-marked, and the journey takes around an hour.
    • This option offers flexibility and the opportunity to explore the surroundings at your own pace, but it may not be suitable for inexperienced riders or those traveling with children.

Once you reach the cable car station, you’ll need to purchase tickets for the cable car, which is the only way to ascend to the Ba Na Hills complex. It’s advisable to arrive early to avoid long queues, especially during peak seasons.

Vietnam Travel offers private day trip to Bana Hills so that you can enjoy your trip at the most comfortable. You will have private helpful knowledgeable English speaking tour guides & experienced drivers to accompany your group through the trip. Contact our experienced travel consultants for a smooth trip.

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2.2 What to see

Here are the main attractions and things to see at Ba Na Na Hills:

  1. Golden Bridge: The iconic Golden Bridge, supported by two massive stone hands, is the centerpiece of Ba Na Hills. This stunning pedestrian bridge offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  2. French Village: Step back in time and explore the French Village, a meticulously recreated 19th-century French colonial town with churches, villas, and cobblestone streets.
  3. Fantasy Park: One of the largest indoor games and amusement parks in Vietnam, Fantasy Park offers over 100 games and rides, including rollercoasters, carousels, and virtual reality experiences.
  4. Wax Museum: Vietnam’s first-ever wax museum features over 100 wax figures of famous personalities, historical figures, and cultural icons.
  5. Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens: These beautiful gardens are modeled after European romantic gardens, with intricate landscaping, fountains, and flower displays.
  6. Debay Wine Cellar: Inspired by the famous wine cellars of Bordeaux, France, the Debay Wine Cellar houses over 3,000 bottles of fine wines and offers wine tasting experiences.
  7. Linh Ung Pagoda: This ancient pagoda, nestled amidst the hills, dates back to the 19th century and offers a serene escape from the bustling attractions.
  8. Alpine Coaster: Thrill-seekers can enjoy the exhilarating Alpine Coaster, a toboggan-style roller coaster that winds through the hills and forests.
  9. Funicular Railway: Take a ride on the Funicular Railway, a unique transportation system that connects different sections of Ba Na Hills.

With its blend of modern entertainment, architectural marvels, natural beauty, and cultural attractions, Ba Na Hills offers something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination in the Da Nang area.

Sunworld Bana Hills is opened from 7am to 10pm every day. To discover the site, it takes several hours or a full day

• World record breaking cable car system
Amusements: Fantasy Park, Da Cham Souvenir Shops, Crystal World, Fleuriste Flower Shop, Wax Museum, Funicular, Alpine coaster
Amusements: Fantasy Park, Da Cham Souvenir Shops, Crystal World, Fleuriste Flower Shop, Wax Museum, Funicular, Alpine coaster
Resorts Haven: Anpaz Spa & Beauty, Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village
Spiritual Attractions: Stele Hall, Holy Mother Shrine, Rain Sheltering Teahouse, Linh Phong Zen Monastery, Linh Phong Stupa, Linh Tu Pagoda of the Holy Mountain Mother, Linh Ung Pagoda, Belfry
Architectural and Cultural Attractions: Bar Debay- Wine Cellar, French Village, Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens, Golden Bridge
Culinary: Beer Plaza, Debay Wine Cellar, Doumer Restaurant, Arapang Restaurant – Buffet

Images for flower ba na hills

2.3 Ba Na Hills Events & Festivals

  • The Flower festival from February 10th to September 3rd
  • The Carnival festival from April to September
  • The wine festival from May 5th to May 20th
  • The beer festival from the first day of June to September 5th
  • The Halloween festival during October
  • The winter festival on Christmas

3. Ba Na Hills Admission Fees & Ticket Fees

ba na hills Ticket

Ba Na Hills Cable Car ticket: 750,000VND per adult and 600,000VND per child from 1m-1.4m for a round-trip ticket, inclusive of: Admission fee, 10% VAT, most of the games in Fantasy Park (105 games, Alpine Coaster), 70,000VND ticket for a funicular train to Debay Cellar and Le Jardin D’Amour.

Excluded from: Wax Museum Ticket: 100,000VND per adult, Debay Wine Cellar: 100,000VND per adult (updated 2024), Teddy bear grips, Fantasy Park indoor sports

Ticket can buy directly at the counter at Bana Hills OR Buy Online to avoid a long queue line and get discount up to 20%.

4. Hop on Ba Na Hills Cable car for spectacular view

Ba Na Cable Car, danang

Visitors can only get to Ba Na Hills via cable cars. Ba Na Hills cable car system is one of the most impressive ten cable car lines on earth. The system holds many records including the longest gap, heaviest cable and greatest change in elevation.

With three lines of cable cars of total 25 kilometers in length, the longest ride takes you about 20 minutes to get to the mountaintop.

5. Walk on the legendary Golden Bridge

golden bridge ba na hills

Golden Bridge, connecting the Marseille Station to Le Jardin Station, was famous even before its opening in 2018. And when it’s officially opened, the bridge has created a worldwide phenomenon and become as the most beautiful landscape on earth according to Time magazine.

Why does Golden Bridge attract so much attention from Worldwide tourists?

• The most obvious reason is its staggering appearance – a delicate gilded bridge being lifted by a giant stone hands covered in moss, with spectacular view to Da Nang city.

Let ‘s say Golden Bridge is the most eyes catching man-made construction in Vietnam right now. For the most gorgeous pictures, come to visit Ba Na Hills any time of the year.

5. Ba Na Hills – Golden Bridge Travel Tips

rail car ba na hills, danang

Relaxing game adventure in Ba Na Hills

Time to visit whole the complex is about 7 hours
Opening hours: 07.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Because it is almost 1500 meters high so it gets chill up there. A light jacket is recommended. Sometimes it may be foggy and drizzling.
Hats and eyes wears should be in your packing list.
There are many restaurants and food courts available so it is not necessary to bring food with you.
Time of Sunset is after 16.30.

In Conclusion, Ba Na Hills is worth its massive amount of admission. The complex is just ideal for your family holiday to Da Nang, especially when you travel with kids to Vietnam.

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    In 1970 my 1st MARDIV, 1st Recon team (I was a medic) spent a week on Mt. Ba Na in the bombed-out old ruins of this former French resort, having been fogged-in, and no extraction possible. We were supposed to be there 2 days as a radio relay team and had to stay 6 days. We dug through old store rooms gleaning canned food, old Long rations, anything! We were impressed with all the inlaid floor tiles (tiny 1 inch squares covering hundreds of sq. ft.)
    I am happy it was rebuilt. I would love to see it again in peace!

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